Newlands Spring Brewing Co. Newlands Spring Brewing Co.

Not that Newlands

How do you prove your beer is great?

You get someone who doesn’t usually have anything nice to say about you, to tell you it is.

Like your rivals. And in the world of rivalries, few are as intense as South Africa vs. Australia. Which is why we went down under, and got Aussies to tell us just how much they love Newlands Spring Beer. How? By forgetting to mention one tiny detail. That Newlands Spring Beer is made in Newlands, South Africa. Not that Newlands in Australia.

"I’ve got to be patriotic.
That’s right up there!"

Harry Briggs – Perth, Australia.

"Best thing I’ve
f@#king drunk in years!"

Wade Bryant – Perth, Australia

"It could be
a new favourite."

Blake Downes – Perth, Australia

"I’d definitely recommend it
to anyone that I could!"

Shasta Martins – Kalgoorlie, Australia

"I could see myself drinking it,
er, every weekend."

Hamish Carter – Busselton, Australia

"Just fair dinkum the
best beer you can get!"

Jack Passmore – Busselton, Australia

"I think it’s
just tip top!"

Carolynne – Melbourne, Australia
Tribute Lager, Mountain Weiss, Jocobs Pale Ale, Passionate Blonde

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